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Finding Your Worth

This week I escaped the day to day struggles of life. I took a trip to the mountains of Wyoming and Montana. No calls or emails, no trips to Borger or Lubbock. It was liberating, and still it didn’t “fix” anything. I don’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I needed to find something.

It wasn’t until the drive home that I cried realizing I was coming back to a reality that didn’t suit me. I cried thinking in terms with where I was at and where I wanted to be...

Too many people look at posts on social media and think, wow things must be good. They compare their life, physical appearance and material things to everyone else and reduce their own happiness around them. They convince themselves that others just know what they’re doing. You do it, I do we all do it!

The truth is that none of us have it figured out. Some of us just know how to navigate a little better than others. So, I wrote myself a letter, which is only meant for me to read daily. The words are to inspire me to walk away from things and people that don’t bring me joy. It’s meant to encourage me to make each day better than the last. The letter allows me to be true to myself and remember how important MY happiness is! Set my boundaries and stick to them!

I encourage you to do the same.

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