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Why The Auld Foundation is So Important

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

It wasn't easy looking into my past and finding something meaningful. My misguided decisions and hurtful actions of others seemed to cloud the potential of doing something good. I was always apologizing or running from it. Then one day I had a conversation with a friend, it was a conversation that would eventually change my life and the future of others.

" I have found that people that fall the hardest can impact the world the most. Your past IS worth sharing and will inspire many." Carrie Luxem. Carrie is right. I had to start owning my past and making it work for the better.

We all face circumstance requiring us to take one path or another and regardless if we choose the wrong one, we are not "de-valued". Our mistakes don't dictate our worth or give our minds permission to accept the perception of others. Our mistakes do not navigate our future. We do. And we do it better with help.

The Auld Foundation is an organization to inspire young women to see themselves the way I wished I had when I was younger. Giving young women a chance to make positive change, beginning within themselves. The Auld Foundation, we will educate young women to be a force of influence and to believe in themselves. Through my own lessons and life experiences, our team will encourage emotional growth and empower women to know their worth!

No more running. Let's teach our young women the skills they need to face life's challenges, making our failures someone else's success!

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